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Find the best episode you can’t refuse

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358. Leaving Scientology: Reese Quibell’s Path to Freedom

March 15, 2024

How does the concept of disconnection as practiced in Scientology affect the concept of family and personal relationships? What are the emotional consequences of such a policy?  Today, we're venturing into a world that's often shrouded in secrecy and controversy—Scientology.  Our brave guest, Reese Quibell, aka Relatable Reese shares a deeply personal journey of growing up within the confines of this organization.

357. Laid Off, Now What? Feras Alhlou

March 13, 2024

Looking for a job, is a full-time job!  What areas or skills can you improve upon?  Are you wanting to start your own business?  You may want to start with a few deep breaths first. What are the key challenges that entrepreneurs face in today's business environment?  How can startups be more responsible with their spending?  

356. At 16, Deven Wohlwend Owns 46 Units

March 6, 2024

At just 16 years old, Deven Wohlwend is not your average teenager. He's already an accomplished author of three books, a savvy real estate investor owning 46 units and running a management company than runs 450, and has a deep passion for educating his peers on business and investing.  Absolutely everything is possible, and it can genuinely happen at any stage of life.

355. Queen Bea The Matriarch of the Franklin Family: A Century of Positivity

March 1, 2024

Honoring Women's History Month, Bea Franklin—a 99-year-old beacon of positivity with an infectious philosophy on life, love, and aging.  We talk about Bea's remarkable story, from her roots in Philadelphia and New York to her lifelong love affair with classical music. She'll share with us the extraordinary tales of her husband, a World War II war photographer, and the magic behind their swift marriage that defied her mother's expectations.

354. Oil, Gas, and Growth: Kathy McClain and Audrey Zinn at the NAPE Summit with OGGN

February 26, 2024

Today, we've got a special treat for our listeners as we're bringing you insights straight from the energy heartbeat at the NAPE Summit in Houston.  We are going to talk about the personal and professional development aspects of attending trade shows.  How are podcasts regarded within the industry as a learning tool, and what value do they offer for industry professionals looking to stay informed and educated?

353. Ann Diament Koffsky: Art, Storytelling, and Jewish Pride

February 21, 2024

Ever wondered how authors conjure up the worlds that enthrall us?  Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming Ann Diament Koffsky, an award-winning author and illustrator, who brings a wealth of experience and heartfelt stories.  From teaching art in a bomb shelter in Israel to confronting the omission of women's faces in ultra-orthodox media, Anne's journey is as inspiring as it is impactful.

352. The Importance of Cherishing Memories and Holding On For One More Day: Heidi Alldredge

February 14, 2024

Why do we think all of our problems are going to go away when we get married?  From childhood struggles with bullying to navigating the complexities of personal relationships, Heidi Alldredge opens up about her life experiences with raw honesty and vulnerability.  Heidi Alldredge recounts her battles with bullying, which led to profound emotional challenges including suicidal thoughts and depression.

351. Hotter Than Ever: Erin Keating’s Candid Take On Career, Motherhood, And Sexting

February 7, 2024

Today, we invite you into the captivating world of Erin Keating, a dynamic powerhouse who has climbed the ranks from the film industry to Snapchat, where she led the charge on original mobile shows.  Now, Erin is on the cusp of a new chapter, carving out her own path with her raw and honest podcast, "Hotter than Ever."  

349. From Anxiety to Art: Tom Vaughan’s Emotional Screenwriting Journey

January 24, 2024

Immerse yourself in the world of Hollywood and screenwriting in this fascinating episode of the Better Call Daddy Show, as our guest, Tom Vaughan, takes you on a rollercoaster ride of his life's journey.  In the creative realm, learn about his love for the scripting process, the challenges he faced in the industry, his improvisational skills, and how he uses personal experiences to fuel his work.

348. The Sound of Freedom: How Paul Hutchinson is Challenging Child Exploitation

January 17, 2024

How can we ensure the protection and growth of our children? Additionally, how do we break free from the cycle of repeating the same patterns over and over again, like Groundhog Day?  We’ve got a superhero guest joining us, Paul Hutchinson, the Executive Producer of the impactful film The Sound of Freedom that has created a social media movement due to its critical message on child trafficking.