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Find the best episode you can’t refuse

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302. Fueled By His Father’s Words. Matt Drinkhahn

March 22, 2023

You never know when the next person you connect with could change the course of your life. Matt Drinkhahn is an explorer, a business coach, and strategist to growth-minded leaders and a proud FrontRowDad. You have to be innovative as an entrepreneur, father, husband and coach… In order to improve and stay fresh today’s guest journals and gets feedback! Today we talk about what makes a good coach, a good dad, a trustworthy husband, psychedelics, and doing things on our own terms!

301. Season 4! No Formal Degree Required! Jonaed Iqbal

March 17, 2023

No degree no problem!  Bring good values though!  Where did you go to school?  Where do you work?  What you need to know is how to network, interview, and sell yourself!  No formal degree is needed to be a genius! If people are asking about your degree you are probably doing something wrong.  The beauty of showing up on social media has helped Jonaed Iqbal land jobs!

300. Controlling The Story With Competence. Mark Victor Hansen

March 6, 2023

The more enterprising you are the freer you are.” How do you sell more books than anyone else? Mark Victor Hansen has written 318 books and loves what the publishing industry was! He’s a student of the Depression. His vision is to sell 1 billion books and help others do it as well. “Whoever controls the story controls the future!” – Plato.

299. More Than Just Her Father’s Daughter, She Profits, Author. Mel McSherry

February 27, 2023

Todays’s guest is a business and life guide and helps others through human design vernacular! Mel McSherry is an International Business & Life Guide, Speaker, Author and Podcast Host. She works with inspired Entrepreneurs who are exhausted and overwhelmed by what they think they need to do in order to be successful.

298. Build Your Village: A Guide to Finding Joy and Community. Florence Ann Romano

February 20, 2023

Everyone deserves a community. We aren’t supposed to have all the answers or know how to do everything on our own! How do we construct our village and allow people to help? It’s hard to let love in, it requires patience and compassion my dad says. How do you find your tribe and identify potential villagers? It’s a self care journey in how we show up for people!

297. God Said What?! Healing Of Humankind. Miriam Feldman

February 13, 2023

Have you ever wanted to connect to a world you can’t see? Do you feel the pain of the world and want to alleviate it? Miriam Racquel (Meryl) Feldman has always been a fact-finder. She’s a wife, mom, somatic healer, relationship coach, and writer, like her father.  She helps empower women to trust the wisdom of their bodies, emotions, and souls.

296. Is Hell A Scare Tactic? What is unforgivable? Alex Parkview

February 6, 2023

What are the basic beliefs of satanism? How do you get to hell? What is blasphemy? Alex Parkview was raised Roman Catholic, did the sacraments, but his dad was closest to a Buddhist.  His dad wanted him to have a moral background. Alex feels like his “A Twist Of Faith” podcast is his calling to make people think about things they don’t normally think about.

295. Adrenal Insufficiency And Violin Proficiency. Asher Laub

February 3, 2023

Should musicians play in pain? Music is more powerful than we realize! Adrenal insufficiency led Asher Laub to reinventing himself and turning his pain into purpose. Music makes Asher jump out of bed every day and keeps him happy. He left behind three degrees and became a dancing violinist! Asher began classical violin training at the tender age of 2.

294. National Bestseller The Conversion Code. Chris Smith

January 30, 2023

What’s it like to be the son of a cop, with squad cars in the driveway? Are you driven by the same things your parents were motivated by or did you level up? What do you want for your kids? Inspired by the basketball team athletes he grew up with Chris made his way to LA, joined an acting class, and was even an extra in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

293. Fatherhood, Wouldn’t Trade It. Casey Stubbs

January 25, 2023

What do you want people to say at your funeral? What would you want your kids to say about you? What would you want your business associates to say? What would you want your spouse to say? What are your kids going to remember?  How much money you made in the market? Children remember what you do and don’t do.