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Find the best episode you can’t refuse

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347. From Club Promoter to Podcast Star: Ken AKA Mr. Gentleman Lifestyle

January 15, 2024

How important is it for creatives to support one another, and what impact can such a platform have on emerging talent?  Today, we're diving deep into an incredible creative journey with our guest Ken, also affectionately known as "Mr. Gentleman."
Ken's story is a melody of highs and lows, dreams, and the stubborn grit that keeps a creative soul pushing through.

346. Think Faster, Talk Smarter Podcast Host and Author Matt Abrahams

January 9, 2024

How can using icebreakers, like tongue twisters, set a more comfortable and engaging tone for a public speaking event or meeting? Today, we're thrilled to have Matt Abrahams, a seasoned communication expert, join us to unravel the art of breaking the ice and the essentials of speaking with confidence, especially when public speaking jitters come knocking.

345. Terrorism and Trauma Leads to Ezra Max’s Truth

January 3, 2024

Ezra Max, a firm believer in the interconnectedness of life events, believes that nothing happens by chance. This outlook shapes his engagement with the world, particularly in his discussions, which often revolve around impactful subjects such as parenting and significant global issues. Recently, amid hostilities erupting in Israel, Ezra has found himself in a dialogue that extends beyond his initial expectations.

344. Happy Ending With Jerry Springer, He Got One Too: Big Baby Zach Strenkert

December 27, 2023

Featured on Today, Oprah, Jerry Springer, Inside Edition, Maury, Guinness World Records, and more today's guest is Big Baby Zach Strenkert.  Zach's life was one tinged with the sense of being an exhibition. From a young age, he felt the gaze of others upon him as he entered classrooms, his presence prompting teachers to invite him, often publicly, to share his experiences or insights as if he were a guest speaker rather than just another student.

343. A Father And Son’s Guide to What the F is Next: David and Colton Chorpenning

December 20, 2023

Today, we are joined by a very special father-son duo, David and Colton Chorpenning, who take us deep into the world of intentional parenting and the power of breaking generational traumas.  Prepare for a heartwarming journey as David shares the transformative impacts of therapy on his parenting style and Colton reflects on the unconditional love he's received, mirroring the gratitude for the cycles his father has worked hard to break.

342. From Coast Guard to Creative Writer: Tamara Miller Davis Despite the Buzz

December 13, 2023

Tamara Miller Davis embodies the fusion of service, technology, and creativity. Hailing from a quaint town in rural Michigan, Tamara's upbringing without cell phones and modern tech painted a childhood rich with natural connection and simpler times. Now as a mother, veteran, indie author, and an advocate for intentional living, she shares a fascinating journey from joining the Coast Guard at 18 to becoming the accomplished writer of "Despite the Buzz."

341. The Vow, A Love Story And The Holocaust: Michael Ruskin

December 6, 2023

This episode is rich with history, from the tragedies of World War II to the incredible story of his parents—survivors of concentration camps and death marches—whose profound love and faith bore witness to unspeakable horrors.
So join us as we explore the strength derived from ancestry, the complexities of identity, and the undeniable power of storytelling with Michael Ruskin.

340. From Hollywood Production to a Heartfelt Reinvention: Jonathan Bogner

November 29, 2023

Life can change in a flash, so you better focus on what gives you meaning!  Remember we are all producers of our own story. Jonathan Bogner went from selling Hollywood films to a heart transplant, a man whose resilience and reinvention offer powerful lessons on embracing life's fragility. His journey takes us from the bustling floor of his pre-to-post-production office, housing a team of 30, through a heart-wrenching battle with English and intonation after a stroke, to the heights of E television, where he and his son's show idea comes to life, revealing years of reality show success.

339. Wrestling with Life, Love, and Legacy: Marvelous Marc Mero’s Inspiring Path

November 22, 2023

Marc Mero is the former WWE Intercontinental Heavyweight Champ and the former WCW World Television Champ.  He is the founder of Champion of Choices.  Marc has spoken to thousands and thousands of young people about making the right choices. His YouTube videos have garnered millions of views.  He's known as the #1 school presenter!

338. Spirituality, Intellectuality, and the Reality of the Israel Conflict: Batya Ungar-Sargon, Newsweek

November 14, 2023

How can we encourage more productive and respectful dialogue in today's polarized society? How can we ensure that media outlets present fair and impartial reporting? Today's brilliant guest Batya Ungar-Sargon opinion editor for Newsweek emphasizes the importance of discussing different points of view and having open-minded conversations.