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January 15, 2024

Bruce Chamoff Not Gonna Change: Featuring Reena Friedman Watts

Host: Bruce Chamoff

Guest: Reena Friedman Watts

I'm not gonna change for you, don't you change for me. We're not the same today in this new world. We come from a different place in the universe Somehow we make it all work out I look like me from yesterday, although I never was there before It's not okay, it's not okay Not gonna change for you Don't you change for me

January 10, 2024

She Booked Barbara Corcoran, Howard Schultz for podcasts | Reena Friedman Watts, Better Call Daddy

Host: Manali Bhat

Guest: Reena Friedman Watts

Dive into tips for becoming an exceptional podcast guest and ensuring you're not ghosted by hosts. Learn the art of collaboration, building rapport, and stacking relationships to keep conversations flowing.

January 3, 2024

Jerry Springer – Guest Host: Reena Friedman Watts

Host: Keb Pound

Guest: Reena Friedman Watts

Jerry Springer's trajectory drifted drastically when he entered the world of television. The Jerry Springer show launched in 1991 and revolutionized daytime television.

November 22, 2023

Episode 129 – The Women With Many Hats With Reena Friedman Watts

Host: Ken aka MrGentleman

Guest: Reena Friedman Watts

On This Episode, We Have The Host Of "Better Call Daddy Podcast" Reena Friedman Watts On The Show For Another Podcast Crossover Episode Discussing Her Podcast Show, Working With Her Father And Many More.

October 12, 2023

Just F****** Own It! Feat. Reena Friedman Watts, Podcaster and Producer

Host: Helene Beck

Guest: Reena Friedman Watts

Reena loves a story, and is a story chaser that is fascinated by the people behind them. In fact, she lives to bring stories to life! Her appetite for storytelling has taken her to unexpected places, from being a producer for the Jerry Springer Show, to the legal drama, Court TV. And now with her new podcast, telling compelling stories is a family affair.

October 5, 2023

Modern Day Overthinker #podcast #72 with Reena Friedman Watts

Host: Collin Strajack

Guest: Reena Friedman Watts

Reena Friedman Watts is a mom, entrepreneur, podcaster (Host of @BetterCallDaddy Podcast), radio host, and former television producer (Jerry Springer Show, Nanny 911) and interviewer for VH1 and E. She helps people create podcasts, hosts an online radio show, has a podcast of her own, and does freelance marketing as well. We talked about podcasting being therapy, parenting, dating, miscarriages, perfectionism, and much more on this episode.