Uncensored podcasts. For the love of stories.

Uncensored podcasts. For the love of stories.

Better Call Daddy is a podcast for people who love stories. Hosted by the Reena Friedman Watts (Jerry Springer Show, Court TV), everyone from influential business leaders to phone sex workers are featured on the show. Nothing is censored here!

Each episode, Reena will interview a person of interest, and her father will chime in with his words of wisdom.

What will he have to say? And will the guest agree? Discover an episode and don’t forget to listen till the very end!


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October 4, 2023

The statement “Daddies don’t know everything” is a powerful reminder that parents, including fathers, are not infallible and cannot be expected to have all the answers.  It acknowledges that there are inherent communication and generational gaps between parents and their children and that children have their own unique interests, preferences, and paths to follow in… Continue reading 331. From Podcaster to Matchmaker: Bruce Chamoff’s Vision for Podcast Networking

A taste of some of our episodes

Episode 321


July 31, 2023

321. Finding Love—Not Just a Match: Netflix’s Aleeza Ben Shalom

Episode 310


May 15, 2023

310. The Art of Espionage and Fatherhood. Andrew Bustamante

Episode 244


July 6, 2022

244. Johnny Spoils Front Page News On Purpose

Episode 210


March 7, 2022

210. Getting Lucky With Jerry Springer, 20 Years Later

Episode 138


July 12, 2021

138. Secrets Of Sex And Love Addiction. Brianne Davis

Episode 50


November 11, 2020

50. Learning Entrepreneurship from a Master: James Altucher

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