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Find the best episode you can’t refuse

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320. AI: Exploring the Good, the Bad, and the Ethical: Simon Hodgkins

July 25, 2023

On this episode of Better Call Daddy, we dive into the fascinating world of electronics, computers, and artificial intelligence with our guest, Simon Hodgkins. His passion for technology ensures his interest in the possibilities of AI. Simon shares the fascinating topic of being able to converse with historical figures and the complexity, legal and ethical areas involved in bringing back media and movie stars through video technology and artificial intelligence.

319. Examining the Influence of Social Media: Sean Dillon

July 19, 2023

On this episode of Better Call Daddy, we dive into the evolution of entertainment and media. From comic books to streaming platforms, we explore how market forces have shaped the way we consume content. With the rise of video on demand and audio on demand, viewers now have unlimited options for watching shows or reading comic books at their convenience.

318. Collecting Real Items & Relationships: Shirley Yu Founder of Choosii

July 10, 2023

In this episode of Better Call Daddy, we explore the captivating realm of collecting and safeguarding objects with significant meanings and the intriguing narratives that accompany them. Together with fellow podcaster Alicia Araujo-Elatassi, from Vibes by Alicia podcast, I embarked on a collaborative interview with the Founder of the Choosii app,  Shirley Yu.

317. From TV Industry to Podcasting: Evolution of Better Call Daddy

July 5, 2023

Today's episode features an interview conducted by Kurt Sasso of Two Geeks Talking, but with an exciting twist, me channeling my inner geekiness on the other side of the mic! The episode takes a personal turn as the host shares her father's interest in being a sperm donor and their own perspective on the matter.

316. Warrior Women: Empowering Hawaiian Tradition of Lua. Michelle Manu

June 26, 2023

Having mastery over ourselves is crucial, and Michelle Manu, our guest today, is empowering women to embrace control. It's important to recognize that we possess more power than we often realize. Michelle is breaking down the stereotypes surrounding female warriors and remains steadfast in her convictions. The strength of our beliefs holds tremendous influence.

315. Inside The World Of Exorcism. Father Vince Lampert

June 19, 2023

What role do you believe mental health evaluations should play in determining whether or not someone is experiencing extraordinary demonic activity?  Do you think the increase in requests for exorcisms during the COVID-19 pandemic is related to people's increased feelings of anxiety and isolation?

314. Adults Need Parties Too: Tips for Hosting a Simple Yet Effective Party. Nick Gray

June 12, 2023

You can build big relationships by hosting small gatherings!  All new relationships start in the acquaintance phase.  How could life be different if we had different friends and did different things? We need more friends as adults not less! We get into our habits instead we need to get a babysitter! Switch things up!

313. Unveiling the Naked Truth: A Podcaster’s Journey Into Creativity. Kurt Sasso

June 5, 2023

On this episode of Better Call Daddy, we take a journey through the life and experiences of a podcaster.  Join us on this episode as we reflect on the accomplishments of over 15 years of podcasting and interviewing actors, comics, and creators.  Let's celebrate the ability to promote and inspire creative people.

312. Navigating Career Transitions as a Producer and a Parent. Lauren Cooper

May 29, 2023

On this episode of the Better Call Daddy show, we sit down with Lauren Cooper, a seasoned producer who has worked in TV, film, and even as a mommy blogger influencer.  She shares about how she got started at MTV’s show “Made”, her role as a line producer, and her journey of prioritizing work-life balance after becoming a mother.

311. Parenthood vs. CIA: The Art of Improvisation. Jihi Bustamante

May 22, 2023

On this episode of Better Call Daddy, Jihi Bustamante covers a wide range of topics from legacy to parenting to learning languages.  She discusses how perceptions of legacy have shifted over time and how leaving behind a business that impacts people’s lives is a crucial part of that legacy.  She also shares advice on navigating marriage, business partnerships, and parenthood, as well as discussing how the skills learned in the CIA can also apply to personal relationships.