Overcoming Fear and Building Confidence in Front of the Camera: Lauren Cooper

July 6, 2023

This week's episode is all about Lauren Cooper, a respected producer with years of experience in the TV and film industry.

Lauren's career path was not always straightforward, and she began in casting for a show on MTV before realizing that she wanted to be more involved in the production side. She soon transitioned into managerial roles such as budgeting and scheduling where she excels with her specific brain type. Lauren shared that she enjoys production management because it allows her to have creative input while also keeping organized and on top of the details that others may struggle with.

Despite the long hours on set, Lauren continued to thrive in the industry until she faced a significant challenge when she became a parent. She had to work on set while breastfeeding and pumping in a dirty bathroom, which made her value work-life balance and prioritize her role as a mom. Lauren stepped away from producing and created her own Mommy Blogging Influencer page where she could continue producing and keep her creativity flowing.

Lauren shared some personal anecdotes about her relationship with her father and how they love to dance together anytime there is music. They have a whole routine of swinging, dipping, and hand gestures that they used to perform, and it was applauded by people who watched them. Lauren hopes to pass on this tradition to her daughter and create more special memories.

Lauren is an advocate for networking and building a strong community of freelancers in the industry. She advises being careful about who you reach out to and ensuring that those in your corner are supportive and not competitive. Lauren shared some great tips for networking where she emphasized that people were often willing to help without even being asked.We hope you enjoyed this week's episode. Don't forget to tune in next week for another insightful discussion.  Learn more listen here.

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