Storytelling on Better Call Daddy – Guest Blogger Tamara Miller Davis

December 19, 2023

Storytelling involves reflection, vulnerability, growth, and community building.

It was an honor to be interviewed on the Better Call Daddy podcast! Reena Friedman Watts is great at supporting others on their creative journeys. And she is skilled at connecting people by taking a genuine interest in their stories.


I first noticed Reena on Instagram. Her positivity caught my attention, prompting me to listen to some of her episodes and then network with like-minded guests.


Because Reena once lived in Chicago, I took a chance and told her about my novel, which features a writing teacher who moves to California from the Chicago area. Reena seemed intrigued, so I mailed her a signed copy with a handwritten note. She thanked me by sharing images of Despite the Buzz and messaging me about how much she was enjoying the colorful story. In fact, she wrote, “You are an excellent writer.” The feedback felt good, and I was curious to see where our conversation might lead.


My novel contains an exciting twist, so I always wonder how that’ll be received by readers. Thankfully, the realistic fiction has been well reviewed. Months passed. Finally, Reena reached out. She loved the book! And she invited me to interview on her show! I was thrilled!


Reena took time to view my posts, read captions, and sincerely comment. This gave her a context for my background and goals. I kept in social-media touch. The exchange felt encouraging. We set a date to record. Upon my request, she emailed brief talking points.


Reena did her homework by listening to some of my previous podcast interviews. Then, she asked me to find a better-quality microphone for our upcoming recording. Trusting Reena’s well-tuned ear, I scrambled to find a mic in time, and luckily, a friend had one handy.


Reena made me feel at ease during the interview. Even though I initially worried about sounding professional on the popular podcast, I enjoyed the experience and felt pretty positive about it, despite my perfectionist tendencies. As I expected, Reena was engaging. Although afterward, I’ll admit, I wondered, was the content juicy enough? Did I convey ample intrigue for a show hosted by a woman who previously worked for Jerry Springer!? Did I talk enough about my dad? How about my tone, articulation, delivery? Did I reveal too much?


I waited for the episode to release. Meanwhile, my mom passed away. Life shifted. Reena and I kept in contact.


Finally, the episode came out. Eek! I previewed the show notes and thought, wow, she’s good! The caption was carefully written. I listened to the recording and realized we covered a lot of meaningful material—about my life, background, book, ambitions, influences, creative process, parenthood, the role of technology, and more. As I say on air, I’m furthering myself personally and professionally through this process, which extends beyond writing and publication. By listening to the edited and polished footage, I found there were take-aways for me, too. I invested in a mic.


As Reena’s dad comments and summarizes at the end, “We learn from others who have similar passions.” I loved hearing Reena’s dad’s insightful recap! Plus, now I have a record of dialogue about how my parents influenced me. What a gift.

Of all the interviews I’ve done, I’m really proud of this one! It took me a while to build podcasting skills, and Reena artfully presents the material. I’m grateful for the opportunity and time Reena put into uploading and sharing our recording. To reciprocate gratitude, I’ve thanked the heartfelt host in creative ways.



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