Netflix’s Melanie Rose – Reviving Passion and Spicing up the Bedroom

August 22, 2023

Welcome back to another episode of Better Call Daddy!  In the latest episode, we are speaking with the incredible Melanie Rose, host of Netflix's How to Build a Sex Room, who shared her expertise on reviving passion and bringing excitement back into the bedroom.

Melanie offered some fantastic suggestions for spicing up your bedroom, whether you're in a long-term relationship or just looking to add some extra excitement to your love life.

She recommended simple steps like repainting the room, creating a focus wall, and changing the bedsheets.

But she didn't stop there!

Melanie also emphasized the importance of engaging all five senses in the room, suggesting investments like throw pillows, underbed restraints, and keeping toys nearby.

To set the mood, Melanie suggested using battery-operated candles to create an intimate and sensual atmosphere. And in the spirit of keeping that passion alive, she encouraged taking the time to plan a special date night without the kids, starting in the kitchen, creating aphrodisiac food, and teasing each other.

During the episode, we talked about the generational differences surrounding sexuality. Melanie shared her thoughts on how technological advancements in entertainment have played a significant role in the increasing openness about sex in our present generation. With easier access to sexual content than ever before, including more explicit scenes and nudity in mainstream media, our current generation has grown up more exposed to these ideas.

While we explored the excitement of creating a "sex room" as a younger adult, Melanie highlighted that as we grow older, practicality often takes precedence over novelty. Building a strong relationship requires honesty, loyalty, working together, and effective communication – this, she emphasized, is the foundation for keeping the spark alive, regardless of any material possessions or toys.

On a lighter note, the episode also offered some fun and entertaining moments. You'll hear about the crew's initial hesitation when encountering a shopping list that included dildos and vibrators. But as they embraced the open and candid nature of the podcast, they became more comfortable discussing and handling these items.

Lastly, the episode featured some personal anecdotes from Melanie's own upbringing and experiences. From art class sketches of cross sections of a penis to youthful adventures like skinny dipping and making out in various locations, Melanie shared some amusing and relatable stories that will surely make you smile.

We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, and we encourage you to dive into Melanie Rose's insights and suggestions to bring passion and excitement back into your relationships.

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Photo credit: Kenneth Dolin Photography.



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