Married to the CIA: Life as a Spy’s Wife. Jihi Bustamante

June 7, 2023

Jihi Bustamante and Andrew Bustamante together

Being married to Andy Bustamante in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was a incredibly unique and challenging experience. The work of a CIA agent is shrouded in secrecy, which can mean that spouses are often kept in the dark about their partner’s exact job responsibilities and the associated risks involved. However, this can create a sense of pride and exclusivity for those who do know what their spouse does for a living.

As the wife of a former CIA agent, Jihi Bustamante, says your life is often filled with sudden changes and unexpected challenges. The CIA works to protect national security, which can mean that your spouse is often required to move frequently or serve overseas on short notice. This often means that couples must navigate the challenge of maintaining their relationship without the physical presence of their partner, relying on communication via phone or video chat.

Moreover, family communication is often limited by the secrecy surrounding the work of a CIA agent. Spouses may not be able to share specifics about the work that their partner does, meaning that family gatherings or social events can be challenging to navigate.

And of course, there is always an underlying sense of worry for the safety of a CIA agent. The nature of the work means that they may be exposed to danger and stress on a regular basis. This can be a difficult reality to face, but support from loved ones who understands the stakes can be crucial in trying times.

However, being the wife of a CIA agent can also bring a sense of pride and a desire to be an integral part of this national security mission. Knowing that your spouse is working hard to keep your country safe can be rewarding and make you feel like you are also contributing to a greater good. It often requires a strong will and a resilient spirit, but it can be a thoroughly fulfilling and proud experience.

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