Successful Podcasters: Reena Friedman Watts of the Better Call Daddy Podcast

We have a very special guest joining us – Reena Friedman Watts, host of the Better Call Daddy Podcast. Reena has experienced incredible growth in her podcast and has some valuable insights to share with us. We recently appeared on each other’s podcasts, and it’s amazing how small the podcasting world can be, connecting us through business relationships and mutual acquaintances.

In today’s episode, we’ll dive deep into Reena’s journey as a podcaster and her path to success. We’ll discuss Bruce’s background in accounting and how he found his true passion in marketing. Reena will share her thoughts on old school marketing versus social media marketing, and the importance of understanding your target audience.

We’ll also explore the power of community building and engagement, something Reena excels at. We’ll learn about her strategies for interacting with her listeners and fostering loyalty and growth. Additionally, Reena will offer some advice on avoiding burnout and staying creative as a podcaster.

As always, we have some exciting segments lined up. We’ll discuss Reena’s recent episode on depression, panic attacks, and anxiety, featuring two compelling interviews. And of course, we’ll touch on our latest endeavors, including the creation of an AI component for our podcast network and our upcoming interview on Castmagic with Greg Wasserman.

So grab your headphones, sit back, and get ready to learn from one of podcasting’s rising stars. Let’s dive into this episode of “Become a Successful Podcaster” with our special guest, Reena Friedman Watts of the Better Call Daddy Podcast!

Who Is Reena Friedman Watts?

Reena Friedman Watts began her career in radio while in college, working at an NPR station. Despite taking on early morning and unwanted shifts, she embraced the opportunity to learn every aspect of the medium, from loading features to singing and playing with the equipment. Over the next two decades, Reena worked in various areas of media, including reality TV and behind-the-scenes production. Three years ago, she started a podcast with her supportive father, who encouraged her to pursue her dreams. This venture eventually led her back to radio, where she now hosts a weekly show on, featuring the best episodes of her podcast, the Better Call Daddy Show. Reena emphasizes the importance of creating a portfolio or air check tape, showcasing one’s work and abilities, especially in today’s marketing and business landscape. She believes that a podcast is an excellent means for individuals and brands to demonstrate their capabilities.

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