Reena From Not Singing Out to Full Ride Scholarship

This story is about Reena who got rejected from arts school but then went on to producing reality TV. (say… Jerry Springer) She found her strengths and passions by learning to pause. Now Reena hosts a successful Podcast: Better Call Daddy. She teaches us that if you don’t quit, and you get back up, then you can accomplish great things! What message do you get from this interview?

Instagram: @reenafriedmanwatts

ABOUT the LemonAid Stand: Heidi started hosting the LemonAid Stand live radio talk show, over 20 years ago, in 1999! It all came about when Heidi was dealing with thoughts of suicide, inadequacy, and dealing with infertility. She realized as she reached out to others and heard their stories, she would be uplifted and inspired no matter what she was going through. So this podcast has old “Original” shows from that time period. It also has “New” shows that are currently being recorded with new guests. And it has “Update” shows where Heidi reached out to original radio show guests to find out how the past 20 years have been! Theme song written and recorded by Heidi‚Äôs baby brother Shane!

Heidi is a motivational speaker and would love to speak at your event about how to elevate your happiness!

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