Just F****** Own It! Feat. Reena Friedman Watts, Podcaster and Producer

Meet Reena Friedman Watts, on-air announcer at Kewl.fm, “mompreneur”, podcast host, and producer. She helps  entrepreneurs get seen, heard, and recognized through media and podcasting. As the creator and host of Better Call Daddy Podcast, she has the unique honor and privilege of co-hosting with her dad, bringing his advice, life experiences, wisdom, and expertise to a variety of divisive and incredible topics that are discussed with guests on the podcast.


Reena loves a story, and is a story chaser that is fascinated by the people behind them. In fact, she lives to bring stories to life! Her appetite for storytelling has taken her to unexpected places, from being a producer for the Jerry Springer Show, to the legal drama, Court TV. And now with her new podcast, telling compelling stories is a family affair.


Reena’s incredible wit, charm, and kindness are undoubtedly some of her many qualities that enamor those around her! Her ability to speak her truth and share her inner core is an amazing and unique strength. As we said in the interview, she’s “f****** owning it” right now!


Thank you Reena for joining us on the podcast! Thank you for a mesmerizing and beautiful conversation. I am looking forward to many more chats soon! You can follow Reena on Instagram @reenafriedmanwatts. Check out her podcast, Better Call Daddy, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more!

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