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Episode 18

Self-Made Billionaire

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Episode 17

Socially Steph: She’s a Multi-Passionate

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Episode 16

Think Big, Be Bold, Say Yes to the Extraordinary

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Episode 15

A Mime, A Presidential Campaign and a Poker Player

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Episode 14

I Fell in Love with Myself Through Daily Meditation

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Episode 13

Arranged Marriage, Autism, and Action!

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Episode 12

Books Helped Me Overcome Bullying

The world needs more teachers like Dori

Episode 11

From Linkedin Hacker to Linkedin Employee

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Episode 10

Mental Health Worker By Day, Phone Sex Operator By Night

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Episode 9

Britney Spears Started My Career

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Episode 8

Dominatrix Whips Your Relationship Into Shape

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Podcast: Sex Talk with Nicole

Episode 7

Roger is the #1 Plumber on YouTube

Online Plumbing school


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Episode 6

KKK Member Wants to Be a Jew

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Former kkk leader tells his story at synagogue

Episode 5

Convicted Murderer Turned Lecturer Tells All

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You can find his book, Coming soon!

Sparrow in the Razor Wire

Quan on the Global Minded Conference:

2019 Global Minded Conference

Episode 4

Sex Trafficked and Faked her own death

Jennelle’s Heart to Health twitter
For help with human trafficking:
Human trafficking and slavery
20 ways you can help fight human trafficking

Episode 3

Jeffrey Epstein Survivor Tells All with Shawna Rivera

Watch “Filthy Rich”,

the Epstein story on Netflix:


Shawna’s Facebook support page:

Survivor of the filthy rich

Episode 2

CEO Chris Turcotte

More info on Chris Turcotte:

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Episode 1

Everyday is your birthday with Evan Carmichael

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Evan Carmichael Youtube Page:

Evan Carmichael YouTube

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Meet Reena Friedman Watts.

Reena loves a story, and she’s fascinated by the people behind them. In fact, she lives to bring stories to life. Her appetite for storytelling has taken her to unexpected places from the Jerry Springer Show to the legal drama, Court TV. And now telling compelling stories is a family affair. In her new Podcast, Better Call Daddy, Reena interviews people whose stories haven’t been told – at least not through her unique lens – and then gets daddy’s perspective afterward.

What  People  Say


I am honored to know you. You should know how much of an impact you have had and continue to have on not just me but so many others. It goes far beyond what you think and further than your accomplishments that have led you to us.



Reena Friedman Watts is amazing! I recently had the pleasure to be mentored by her. She's an action taking, encouraging 'sparkler' of a gal. She keeps things fun & light with her great sense of humour.

Angie Bailey


Creativity Coach

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